Founded nearly a decade ago in August 2008, DOT Track (Private) Limited is a veteran in the vehicle tracking and fleet management industry. DOT Track prides itself on market-adaptability and innovation, and has introduced a myriad of features and devices hitherto unused in Pakistan, such as our state-of-the-art Dot Track Vehicle Tracking Unit, which is a smart-chip enabled intelligent device with massive processing power, making it possible to do a myriad of tasks simultaneously and seamlessly. We pride ourselves on customer care; efficient customer care forms the bedrock of the services provided by Dot Track (Pvt.) Limited, and is given supreme emphasis in our Company Guidelines.

To maximize customer care, and to ensure that all our customers’ needs are met in a swift, cost-effective, and reliable manner, we have brought together highly qualified, capable and trained professionals to address the needs of our clients.

Due to our unwavering dedication to quality of service and customer care, our services are much used in industries such as the manufacturing & marketing of edible oil, trading, properties and construction, and social welfare.