Vehicle tracking technology is the easiest way any business can improve profit, routing, customer service, and efficiency. GPS vehicle tracking technology has progressed significantly over the past 10 years, making it now more affordable and easy to use than ever before! Large fleet management operations are no longer the only businesses taking advantage of vehicle tracking technology as almost every company with a mobile asset has been modernizing communication and accountability efforts. Companies utilizing GPS tracking system technology include:

Driver Education Schools
Flower Shops

Pizza Delivery Services
Grocery Stores

Construction Companies
Taxi Services

Distribution Companies
And Many More

Having the ability to route an employee, easily document mileage traveled, or see everywhere an employee has been with only a few clicks of a mouse empowers a business. The tracking systems can be easily hidden from a driver’s view, being permanently installed to a vehicle’s power supply, and used as portable monitoring devices. Using a vehicle tracking unit as a portable device gives employers and businesses the ability to move the GPS system from vehicle-to-vehicle if they suspect potential employee misuse of a company vehicle. Cutting down on unauthorized trips, excessive vehicle idling, and poor route management will increase a company’s bottom line and vehicle maintenance efforts.

What A Tracking System Can Do For You

Record everywhere a driver is moving.
Record how fast a driver is moving.
90 day historical playback of routes traveled.
Document every stop a driver made.
Improve communication, routing, an overall driving accountability and performance.

Increase Profit And Performance Today With An Investment In DOT TRACK Vehicle Tracking System Technology!